BioAq structured water is an excellent aid for example in ecologial cultivation. Pilot tests and individual experiences report the following advantages:
  • Increased production / larger crops, depending on plant and control water.
  • Plants have been shown to withstand drought better. This is an advantage in arid areas and may reduce sensitivity to climate change.
  • Increased quality of the products.
  • Many products have an improved taste and scent.
  • Earlier sprouting of seeds.
  • Increased percentage of seeds sprouting.
  • Some plants develop faster during the first few weeks.
  • Stronger and more substantial root systems.
  • Improved water uptake in plant cells.
  • The products – plants, fruits and cut flowers – last longer.
  • Increased stability of plants. Certain plant cells have thicker cell walls.
  • Increased flowering of potted plants.
  • In several cases, a reduced requirement for pesticides has been observed.
  • Vessels used during cultivation become easier to clean. The surface tension of water is reduced.
Grass cultivation using BioAq water (right) and tap water (left).
Zucchini cultivated using BioAq water (right) and tap water (left).