BioAq structured water is produced with a special system of arranged spirals of stainless steel arranged in a specific way. The effects have been shown to be very positive, as documented in pilot tests and through a great number of individual observations. The method is ecological and environmentally friendly. It does not require addition of energy, or maintenance.
BioAq structured water differs in many respects from other tested whirlers:

  1. With the BioAq devices it is possible to treat water in a microwave oven without wiping out the subtle energies. Energies may even increase.
  2. UV treated water can be BioAq structured.
  3. It is possible to BioAq structure distilled water.
  4. Water may repeatedly structured without losing the qualities of BioAq water. The subtle energies increase when structured a certain number of times.

Models of our whirlers

bioaq 5500
bioaq kitchen 200
bioaq shower 5500